Leurex 35. Teppanyaki grill

Product description

Huge 35” x 9” non-stick, premium surface plate allows you to grill just about any dish and to share exquisite culinary experience with those around you. Teppanyaki (also known as hibachi) is a Japanese style of preparing food on iron grills using charcoal or propane-sourced heat. Leurex’s electric-powered design marries the fundamentals of teppanyaki cooking with the environmental realities of today, while also prioritizing healthy food preparation by reducing harmful byproducts. Once you’ve tried it, you will not want to cook your favorite dishes any other way. Lots of different recipes for the teppanyaki griddle are available online. Gather your friends, family, colleagues or neighbors and enjoy juicy dishes prepared any way you want them.

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View electric
Voltage 220V
Type contact (presser)
Power range 1000
Type of instalation desktop
Frying surface material non-stick
Working surface corrugated
Warranty 1 year
Manufacturer USA


ENJOY LOW-FAT HEALTHY COOKING – Leurex is dedicated to helping you achieve your nutritional goals. Its nonstick teppanyaki surface plate allow you to cook lean meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, and more without harmful nonstick sprays or similar products. Harmful grease and oils are separated and collected in a removable drip tray, allowing you – the chef – to focus on the quality of your culinary experience.

100% PORTABLE – its lightweight, compact design allow you to enjoy professional outdoor and indoor cooking; simply plug in anywhere there is an outlet. The elongated electric griddle is perfect for outdoor events, backyard parties, holidays or rugged camping trips with large groups. Or host dinner parties and serve inside your home, worry-free of dangerous smoke, carcinogens or flammable residue.

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE – toggle temperature settings to achieve the perfect consistency for any dish, impressing family and friends with your culinary prowess. Easily adjustable thermostat knob offers five distinct temperature settings, enabling you to produce dishes quickly or keep them warm in simmer mode.

EFFORTLESS CLEANING – Tired of scrubbing traditional BBQ grills with grates that rust and stain? The Leurex teppanyaki grill, with its grease-eliminating drip tray, offers 315 square inches of nonstick grilling space that can be cleaned with a fresh paper towel and a stroke of the hand. Tired of cleaning expensive steel utensils that overheat and grind? 6 dishwasher-safe wooden spatulas and 2 egg rings included in the set glide smoothly on the surface plate and your grill remains scratch-free.

INSULATED HANDLES & NON-SLIP FEET – Convenient insulated handles allow you to transport the grill without burning your hands or using costly gloves to protect from heat. Our electric griddle is also equipped with 4 stabilizing, anti-slip feet which prevents unintended sliding on flat surfaces while also protecting the surface from heat exposure.